Join us for this FREE, 1-hour workshop that’ll provide a concise overview of the Home Inspection Law in PA and cover the following topics:

What is a Home Inspection and Why Your Clients Should Get One?
What is and ISN’T Covered in the Home Inspection

Setting Client Expectations for the Home Inspection?
What happens next? The Report, The Reply To Inspections, Negotiations, Who Fixes What?

The Visual Inspection Agreement
The Contract Between the Client and Home Inspector.

Review a Sample Home Inspection Report
What’s Major and Minor? Required and Prohibited Verbiage. Visual Inspection vs Code Inspection.

Home Inspector Insurance Requirements
Errors & Omissions/General Liability. Time limits for filing a claim.

Additional Services and Exclusions
Radon, WDI (Wood Destroying Insects, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), Water Quality, Septic, Pools, etc. Exclusions – Low Voltage, Irrigation Central Vac, etc.

Home Inspector Qualifications
Did you know Home Inspectors In PA Are Not Licensed? Understand the Minimum Requirements.

Using Proper Phrases and Terminology
Understand the difference between Licensed, Certified, and Qualified Professionals.

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