With the extremely low inventory and a competitive buyers’ market many of your clients may be opting out of the home inspection contingency in order to make their offer more appealing, or should I say – even have the seller look at their offer.  Since home inspectors are not getting their regular volume of inspections they too are getting creative.  Some are offering low priced “Walk and Talk”, “Take A Home Inspector To Your Showing” services. 

Here’s the issue.  The PA Home Inspection law has a clear definition of a home inspection:

The challenge to the home inspector is that everyone is referring to them as a home inspector, their website says home inspector, they have their HI association membership number on there.  Go to my website to schedule.


Home Inspectors are required to have $500,00 GL/EO insurance.  Without a visual inspection agreement their insurance carrier will most likely deny coverage.  Someone gets hurts at the inspection or even worse after settlement, who is responsible.

So how does this effect you and your real estate license?  Could you defend you recommendation or participation in this if a legal action was brought?   Is “It wasn’t a home inspection” going to cut it?

I’m not a home inspector or giving legal advice. I do suggest you discuss this with your broker for guidance.   

The CRSE Real Estate Group is offering a free one hour virtual educational session that covers the entire PA home inspection law.